OneChipMSX Releases

This page will hold releases of the OneChipMSX core.  Binaries will be available for at least the Turbo Chameleon 64 and maybe others, and source links will point to a suitable tag in the GitHub repo.

18 thoughts on “OneChipMSX Releases

  1. Awesome work, thanks again. Just one question: would it be possible to save the settings? Changing the VGA mode on every reboot can be a bit tiresome sometimes:)


  2. Wow, I just noticed so nice the core runs on my cousin’s Chameleon , I wish I spent my money there instead buying the mist, as the 1chipmsx on the mist is limited and I cannot write on disk images and the sd card! so sad…

  3. haha , the SD problelm write is fixed but there is no mouse support on MIST, as I see on SYMBOS. But I don’t worry! I Just ordered a Chameleon and sold the crap mist, as its supported better as I see , thanks to you my friend!

  4. Hi Alastair, do you think it is possible to do some hack on the OCM core, so when a rom is loaded with Romload it is not necesary to reboot the Chameleon to extract the rom? that would be great. Thanks!

  5. Hello!

    I just installed the msx core on my mist and its very cool!
    Fantastic work indeed… anyway what is missing is the option to mount disk images I know we can mount via the incl. command, but I am talking about booting CPM for example and mount/dismount via the firmware menu.

  6. I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to load multi disk games that require you to swap disks. I already tried all of the commands from msx banzai. But for whatever reason i simply cannot figure out how to swap disks mid game. I’m using the MIST board with the MSX core.

    • I’m not sure how to do this either, actually – how’s it supposed to work? If it involves holding a key down, I wonder if it has anything to do with USB keyboards on the MIST, vs. PS/2 on the original OneChipMSX? I will investigate when I have time, but unfortunately that won’t be soon.

  7. For some odd reason no matter which keyboard i use it would occasionally repeat key presses. i would usually have to reset the system to stop it. I’ve tried both of my wireless keyboards and my wired keyboard with a ps/2 to usb adaptor and get the same odd behavior. i have the latest firmware for my mist fpga board. Also for some odd reason the Caps Lock led on the keyboard doesn’t light up when pushing the caps lock key.

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