Chameleon PC Engine Snapshots

This page carries binary releases of the FPGA PC Engine core for the Turbo Chameleon 64.  To use the core, you’ll need to use Chaco to flash the .rbf file into one of the Chameleon’s slots.  (Not slot 0, since that’s the one occupied by the default C64 core.)  Then copy a configuration file from either the VGA or TV directory to the SD card, depending on which type of screen you’re using.  The core will default to VGA mode if you don’t supply a configuration file, but it can’t create files, so if you don’t copy a file to the card you won’t be able to save settings.

For Chameleon V2 hardware:

For original Chameleon hardware:

21 thoughts on “Chameleon PC Engine Snapshots

  1. Hi thank you for the great work! but i have a little problem.. I have an SD init Fail on screen, but the micro sd is fully compatible with mini mig core you had been released and with the other ports … i dont know what happens 🙁

      • Hi,

        Actually the PCE core should be fine with SDHC – it’s only the MSX core that doesn’t support it. When you get the SD Init Fail message, try pushing the reset button on the Chameleon (without checking I can’t be sure, but I think it’s the rightmost one) – that usually solves the issue.

        • … or try another SD card. I had the same error with the one that gives me problems with the MSX core (wich is only 2GB size), and then tried another one that works fine with the MSX core and it worked well. Maybe Alastair you are sharing some code between these two cores that is very sensitive with SD card used.

          Anyway, once you find an SD card that works fine, you will have a looot of fun with this core, PC Engine has some very nice games!!!

        • Yes i test the msx and the Pce on my old SD 2gb and there all is working . PCE emulation is great 🙂 One think there is the opportunity to configure different keys on keyboard ?

    • Yes, there are some games which won’t run – some for no easily-identifiable reason, but Ghouls’n’Ghosts won’t work because it’s a “SuperFX” game, and won’t run on a basic PC Engine.

      • Ok thanks for the info and thank you for your great work !
        i will test the last one core , im really courious about 😉
        The 13 of December i will show my c64 with turbocamaleon on a retrocomputer exposition i will have great success with a PCE-c64 😉

  2. Hi Alastair , loving this core 🙂 , I have a quick question , I’m using a dtv controller , but I cant use it in the menu , is this the current state of play or ( the more likely ) I’m doinf something wrong ( wrong config or something ) .

    Cheers CodenameV

  3. oh and a quick error report ( again this could be me 🙂 ) the game kato and ken ( or chan and chan as its also know ) seems to have an issue on the intro and when entering certain areas, the bonus rooms mainly , the graphics seems to flash in and out or disappear completely.

    Thanks again for porting this core over .

    • When available time and interest coincide! I’ll try and backport the recent improvements to the MIST core sometime soon, and try and fix the SD card issues at the same time.

  4. Hi Alaister!

    If you’re interested, my fork for MiST has improved compatibility and even SuperGfx support. I think it wouldn’t be hard to re-add TC2 support.

    • Thanks for the heads-up – I did see the improvements in your fork – great stuff! I do plan to merge them in at some point, but want to get basic ports of a few more cores working first.

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