Minimig AGA for Chameleon

This page is the home of the newly-ported Minimig AGA for Turbo Chameleon 64.

Please note: it’s vitally important that you download the correct version of the core for your Chameleon. This is an experimental core, and while I do my utmost to make sure it works for everyone and will try to help solve any problems that arise, you run this core entirely at your own risk.

Minimig AGA for Chameleon V1 hardware: If you have a single mini-DIN socket on the left hand side of your Chameleon, to which a breakout cable attaches for the keyboard and mouse, then you have V1 hardware and need this version:

Minimig AGA for Chameleon V2 hardware:  If you have three mini-DIN sockets on the left-hand side, with the keyboard and mouse plugging in directly, you have V2 hardware, and need this version:

If you’d like to show your appreciation for this core, or motivate me to work on this and other cores in future, donations are welcome at or Anyone donating £20 or more via PayPal or sponsoring on Patreon at the second tier will be thanked by name in a “Core Supporters” shout-out page in subsequent releases.

The zip file contains a .rbf file which you should flash to your Chameleon using chaco. The 832OSDAA.bin file must be present on the SD card when you boot the core. The, minimig.bal and minimig.cop files are optional, but if present will give you a nice animated boot screen.

The WheelDriver.adf file is also optional, but contains a driver and a mouse utility which, between them, will enable the mouse wheel in Workbench.

Full source for the project, as always, can be found on github at: