OneChipMSX is an FPGA-based re-implementation of an MSX 2 computer.  It was built and marketed as a product in its own right, but was also ported to the Altera DE0 and DE1 development boards by Caro.

This page is devoted to my own port of Caro’s version, aimed at DE1, DE2, Chameleon64 and hopefully MIST too.

The original core makes use of features not available on some of my target platforms – namely the EPCS configuration device (used to hold the BIOS ROM) and DIP switches – so this core adds an extra CPU and On-Screen Display to provide more robust booting from SD card and to replicate the DIP switch functions.

While the core is highly experimental it works quite well if you take the time to set it up.  A quick-start guide can be found here.

Releases can be found here.


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