GameSupport music example

Here’s a little demo program written in AMOSPro demonstrating how to use the “GSTrack Loop” commands from the GameSupport extension.  For this demo I used Yannis Brown’s cover of Tequila Slammer, found on Aminet.  When the program starts up, just the first two patterns in the module will play repeatedly, until you press a key, at which point the rest of the song will play.

As the song plays, the demo will report on any “command 8” events reported by the playroutine.  Command 8 is unused in ProTracker, so it’s a useful method of synchronising program events with the music.

Any time you press the space bar, the program will play a “jingle” (the last pattern of the song, in this case), then pick up where it left off.

If anyone finds this interesting or useful, it can be found here:

Download in ADF format

Download in LHA format

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