Updated Megadrive / Genesis core


I’ve just made available an updated version of the Sega Megadrive / Genesis core for the Turbo Chameleon 64.  The only change is to the joystick handling – I’ve untangled the joystick directions and remapped the buttons slightly.

There’s still not a lot of point in using a traditional 1-button C64 joystick with this, but I’ve also fixed a bug in my previous attempt which prevented the CDTV infra-red controller from working.  This does now work, and the buttons are mapped as follows:

Play / Pause  =>  Megadrive Start
Volume Up => Megadrive A
A => Megadrive B
B => Megadrive C

I’ve mapped Volume UP to button A simply because it physically feels in the right place.   The CDTV pad isn’t super-responsive, so trying to use for serious gameplay is an exercise in frustration, but it does work, and the controllers are readily available from AmigaKit.

The new core can be found here:  fpgagen_chameleon_20180305.zip

One thought on “Updated Megadrive / Genesis core

  1. Brilliant, thanks again for all the work , my TC64 is quickly becoming a standalone emulation machine 🙂 , although I have to be honest my favorite ( other than the C64 ) is the pc engine port you did , even with the odd gfx glitches I still go straight to it when not playing bruce lee on the c64 🙂

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