Normal Service Will Resume Shortly…

…or, perhaps I should say eventually.

In case you wondered why things are so quiet here at the moment, it’s because a week and a half a go I finally took possession of my new home.  It’s going to be several weeks before I have internet access, and no doubt several more before I can turn my attention from decorating to geekiness!

Rest assured that I will eventually get back to tinkering with FPGAs and all things retro.


7 thoughts on “Normal Service Will Resume Shortly…

    • The house is great, and the move went well, though I’ve not managed to take nearly enough time off work to do the hundred and one things I want to do to it. I will try to get back into the FPGA projects over the Christmas break – alongside painting, building and adapting flatpack furniture, installing lights and suchlike!

    • Yes, I must apologise for not having returned to the FPGA and retro tinkering – for the time being a lot of my spare time is still taken up with the house, and the FPGA projects are currently a low priority for me. I do intend to spend some time on them in the future but won’t currently make any commitment as far as timescales go.

  1. Hi Alastair, I hope you will come back someday to the TC64 scene.

    If it could be possible (from now to infinite date 🙂 , please port the NES MIST core to the TC64, since it seems nobody else can do it.

    Best regards! Juan

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