Megadrive core: as good as it gets?


Here’s an updated snapshot of the FPGA Megadrive / Genesis core for both Chameleon64 and MIST with the latest memory speed improvements. I’m hopeful that this will pretty much eliminate the sprite issues that have been present in previous releases:

9 thoughts on “Megadrive core: as good as it gets?

  1. Thanks very much for the efforts , it’s much appreciated to have someone still working on MIST cores 🙂

    Loading on to my MIST now for a play test!

  2. Hi AMR,
    i have try to send you an email into Atari-Forum but seems newbie can’t use that feature.
    I have some knowledge into Megadrive hadware and a working toolchain for
    making demo ( i use SGDK).
    If you agree/need i will be very happy to help you.
    I can provide some sample demo with for testing sprite,Background priority
    , simple sound etc..
    Could you tell me how can i send you a private message ?

  3. Going to give the update a try. Do you ask “Is this as good as it gets?” because the core is now near perfection or because it is “as good as can be” based on FPGA space left, etc.?

    • It’s certainly not perfect, and the FPGA is now pretty full. There is a possibility that I might be able to squeeze a bit more bandwidth out of it, and just an outside chance I might be able to fix a few other issues in the fulness of time, but I don’t think there’s a lot more scope for improvement within the current FPGA’s space constraints.

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