Minimig RTG for MiST!


After porting the MiST’s Minimig core to the Turbo Chameleon 64, I spent happy few weeks adding extra features including, most notably, RTG support. A number of people have kindly supported me in this endeavour, both directly via PayPal and also on Patreon – and I’m very grateful for this support.

None of this would have been possible without building upon the MiST’s AGA core, though, so it seems only right that I should port my improvements back to the MiST.

An initial Beta can be found here:

The zipfile contains files to be copied to the SD card – most notably, the .rbf file which is the core itself, the boot logo graphics, and also a Utilities disk which contains the P96 RTG driver and few other extras.

For background information on the new features, see the videos on my Patreon page at

(Nothing is paywalled – that’s not my style – but support, either regularly on Patreon or one-off donations to, are always welcome and very much appreciated.)

14 thoughts on “Minimig RTG for MiST!

  1. Hello. My name is Rubem Ferreira and I am new to amiga. And I’m using the mist

    I had the same problem

    Picasso96: Could not create graphics board context for ‘Minimig’,
    please check your Picasso96 installation.

    I set the system 2.0 mb chip Ram 1.5 slow ram and 24 mb fast ram

    I did install picasso96 (the file came from aminet), renamed the monitor file and copied the minimig.card file into libs:picasso96 . but I don’t know how to changed the boardtype. can you help me

    • Go to the Devs:Monitors directory, click on the Minimig icon once, then go to the menus and select “Icon -> Information”. From the window that pops up you can change the BOARDTYPE tool type to Minimig – then it should work.

  2. Hi,
    thx, for the new core. I have a little problem.
    when i take your core, the mouse is not working, have you an idea, what the problem ist?

    With older core an also the Atari core the mouse is working fine… Also with other mouse devices are the same problems

    Thx for helping


      • Glad to hear you figured it out – and apologies for not seeing your question earlier! (I had the same problem when I brought in the latest upstream changes – I was running an older firmware, and wondered why the mouse stopped working!)

  3. Hi and thank you. My MIST with AGA Core now has a graphic board. My Flatscreen works great with your presettings. I’m running it with OS 3.1.4 and it works great so far.

    • I don’t know whether it will fit, since the SiDi’s FPGA is slightly smaller. If it does fit, then it should be easy enough to port – but I haven’t explored SiDi enough to know what’s involved.

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