Minimig RTG for MiST!


After porting the MiST’s Minimig core to the Turbo Chameleon 64, I spent happy few weeks adding extra features including, most notably, RTG support. A number of people have kindly supported me in this endeavour, both directly via PayPal and also on Patreon – and I’m very grateful for this support.

None of this would have been possible without building upon the MiST’s AGA core, though, so it seems only right that I should port my improvements back to the MiST.

An initial Beta can be found here:

The zipfile contains files to be copied to the SD card – most notably, the .rbf file which is the core itself, the boot logo graphics, and also a Utilities disk which contains the P96 RTG driver and few other extras.

For background information on the new features, see the videos on my Patreon page at

(Nothing is paywalled – that’s not my style – but support, either regularly on Patreon or one-off donations to, are always welcome and very much appreciated.)

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