PACE Adventures – part 3

The latest addition to the line-up of PACE cores with Chameleon 64 builds is Pengo!

For the impatient, binaries for the Chameleon 64 can be found here!

This game runs on hardware very similar to Pacman, just with different address mapping, and larger ROM space. In the process I’ve added support for the missing sound (just by plumbing Pacman’s sound module into the core. I don’t know how accurate the result is, but it’s better than silence!)

I’ve also fixed up some filename case-sensitivity issues, and the previously-hardcoded CPU clock scalar.

The other change this time is that I’ve added PS/2 keyboard support to both the RetroRamblings and Chameleon64 targets, so now all three games (Pacman, Pengo and Moon Patrol) can be played with the keyboard. Key mappings are as per MAME, so cursor keys for movement, left ctrl and alt for buttons, 5 for coin and 1 for start.

Finally, I’ve fixed a pin-mapping bug in the Chameleon64 Moon Patrol core which was preventing the docking station from working.

Binaries for the Chameleon 64 can be found here, while a patch against currently PACE SVN (rev 1394) can be found here.

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