The next generation of Retro fans?

My nieces visited today – and spent a very happy hour playing two of my old favourite games – Pang and Lotus II. Both games went down extremely well with the girls despite being released about 10 years before they were born! While I still find a lot of fun in classic games, it’s encouraging to see that they’re enjoyable even to the iPad generation.

I was rather amused, however, that they were playing such ancient games on brand new, 2013 hardware: For Pang we used Majsta’s prototype Vampire 500 board, while we ran Lotus II on one of Till Harbaum’s prototype MIST boards!

2 thoughts on “The next generation of Retro fans?

    • So far just emulating CPU, and providing extra Fast RAM. Ultimately it should be possible to support ROM images, real IDE, SD-Card-as-IDE, but probably not floppy emulation. (Would probably need a larger FPGA for that.)

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