Lest I be thought a hypocrite…!

I have a confession to make!

After my post about video game music and references – deliberate or otherwise – to pop music of the day, I remembered my old AMRWolf project and the ProTracker module I wrote to serve as its title music:

Wow – does that say *1996*?  Now I feel old!  Anyhow, bonus points to anyone who can identify the piece of 80s pop music that inspired the backing track…

The module itself, in case anyone’s interested, can be found here.  (Yes, imaginatively titled “Untitled2”.  I could occasionally come up with music tracks that were worth not deleting on the spot, but I never could come up with decent names for them!  I still can’t, for the very occasional pieces I come up with these days – “Ode to a Girl who Works in Lidl” *really* doesn’t cut it!)

The sampled breaks were themselves created in ProTracker, then rendered down to a single sample to squeeze as much from the 4-channel sound chip as possible.  Sadly I don’t have the source tracks any more.

5 thoughts on “Lest I be thought a hypocrite…!

  1. hummm…lot’s sound similar…from Genesis”Another Day in Paradise”, Sandra-“Maria Magdalena, Madonna-“Live to Tell”…still sounds cool though! I was trying to do tracks with my c64 but retired it when I got my Ensoniq SQ-80…didn’t get into MODs until impulse tracker came to the PC…and finally got my first Amiga in ’93, an Amiga 600HD.

    • “Live to Tell” – bingo!

      I never really played with Impulse Tracker – I did remake a couple of my old 4-channel mods using the Linux version of SoundTracker, though – and also hacked a reverb onto the mixing routine.

      I still have a soft spot for 4-channel mods, though. H0ffman’s mod entry to Revision 2013 is pretty impressive: https://soundcloud.com/h0ffman/hoffman-pattern-skank (Deservedly 1st place!)

      • Oh, that was awesome…all of my old songs were mixed down on cassettes…unfortunately they all disappeared after breaking up with a certain girlfriend….now THAT hurt! heheheheh anyway… I used the online plans to build my own parallel port sound card like the disney sound source and the covox sound “card” that worked with impulse tracker and also with some of my own synth and sample programs that I wrote in asm and c…

  2. “Anyhow, bonus points to anyone who can identify the piece of 80s pop music that inspired the backing track…”

    sounds vaguely miami vice’ish in parts to me.

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