More PACE adventures

After I ported the Pacman core to the Chameleon 64 last week, Mark McDougall suggested that Moon Patrol would be a good project to port next, so that’s exactly what I’ve done.


I’ve also improved the Pacman port somewhat, cleaned up the clocking arrangments (now I have a clearer idea of how they’re supposed to work) and integrated the Chameleon_CDTV entity, which means the CDTV infra-red controller can now be used.

I’ve also ported Moon Patrol to the MiST board, and to my Frankensteined C3 board.

The downside of Moon Patrol is that it requires a two-button controller, since one is used for fire and the other for jump.

Binaries for the Chameleon64 can be found here, while a patch against current PACE SVN can be found here.

4 thoughts on “More PACE adventures

  1. i just ran the atari st version on the MIST board and it uses joystick up for jump. Should work in all of your setups, too.

    • Yup, it’s a simple signal remapping to do that – needs to be done in the target toplevel, though, so it’ll need to be conditional, otherwise it’ll break any games that need “up” and “button 2” to be separate.

  2. You can always include your own inputmapper.vhd file in the synth directory for the project. Or even modify the original to jump on ‘up’ and maybe add a platform-specific constant for that… I might do that myself…

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