Pacman on the Chameleon 64!

Having seen the PACE project’s Pacman core running on the MiST board, I wanted to try and get it running on the Chameleon. This task is made much easier by the existence of Peter Wendrich’s Chameleon_io entity, which abstracts away the messy details of reading the C64’s or Docking Station’s joystick ports.

This is just a quick-and-dirty port, but should be playable. The coin switch is mapped to the leftmost button on the Chameleon, while the start button is the middle button.
To play, you’ll need a joystick in C64 port 1, or attached to the docking station. (So far I’ve only tested with a real C64.)

The core can be found here.

Source code (in patch form against today’s PACE SVN) can be found here. Because I used Till Harbaum’s port to the MiST board as a starting point the patch adds support for his board as well, and also my Cyclone-3-board-from-EBay.

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