OneChipMSX Mouse support

I’ve been intrigued by SymbOS for a while, and being able to play with it was the main reason I wanted to try and port the CPCTrex core to a more current FPGA platform at some point (a task that will be tackled sometime between “one of these days” and “the heat death of the universe”, mainly because of the need for some kind of CompactFlash-to-SD bridge component.)  However, SymbOS runs on MSX as well (and could in theory be ported to anything Z80-based provided it has enough RAM), so now I have the OneChipMSX core at my fingertips, I can finally give SymbOS a whirl.

There was just one thing missing – a mouse!

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Wiring up the Sega/CD32 adapter

A few weeks ago I pushed the PSoC Creator project for my Sega-6-button-to-CD32 converter project, but anyone wishing to build a converter would need to know the pin mapping.  This is defined within the Creator project, but figuring out which pins on the DB9s need to be wired to which terminals on the board would be pretty tedious – so here’s a wiring diagram for the benefit of anyone who wants to have a go.

(Please note, the board shown here is the CY8CKIT-049-42XX – the identical-looking 41XX won’t work because the chip lacks the programmable logic the project uses to create the shift register.)