3 PACE arcade cores ported to ChameleonV2


A few years ago I ported three of the PACE arcade cores – namely Pacman, Pengo and Moon Patrol – to the Turbo Chameleon cartridge. Since then the original pacedev.net site seems to have gone down, but the source repo is now on github. Over the last few days, in odd moments I’ve cloned that repo, and added support for the new Chameleon V2 hardware – and now have the same three arcade cores working on the new hardware.

The cores can be downloaded here. Please note, these are straight ports of the cores to V2 hardware – do not attempt to flash them to an original Chameleon.

All three cores can be played using a PS/2 keyboard or a CDTV pad.

Coins can be added using the leftmost button on the Chameleon itself, the Run/Stop key on the C64, the 5 key on a PS/2 keyboard, or the Power button on a CDTV pad.

The Start button is mapped to the middle button on the Chameleon, the cursor up/down key on the C64, the 1 key on a PS/2 keyboard, or the Play button on a CDTV pad.

All three games can be played with a joystick, too – however Moon Patrol requires a second button.