Some real-life code…

The EightThirtyTwo ISA – Part 7 – 2019-09-26

Last time I said I would show some real-life code for this new ISA. I’ve already shown some very simple “Hello World” code, and I’m now in the slow, careful process of implementing a CPU to run this – and exploring the wonderful world of HDL simulation in the process! But in the meantime, by far the best way to get a feel for how well an instruction set works is to write some actual code for it, and see which issues and limitations you bump into.

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Evolving the ISA…

The EightThirtyTwo ISA – Part 6 – 2019-09-15

In my baby-steps towards a working VBCC backend I now have something complete enough at least to send the text “Hello world!” to a UART. There’s a long way to go yet before it (a) works and (b) produces code that’s even remotely efficient, but it’s a start. In the process I’ve found and addressed some shortcomings in the ISA, and made a few tweaks to the instruction set and encoding.

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