Megadrive / Genesis core ported to Chameleon V2


Here’s an initial port of the Sega Megadrive / Genesis FGPA core to Chameleon V2 hardware.

Please note, this is specific to V2 hardware – do not attempt to flash this core to V1 hardware. There are no improvements to the existing V1 core, it’s merely a port of the existing version and doesn’t yet incorporate upstream improvements.

The on-screen display is toggled with F12, and gamepads can be emulated using either the CDTV control pad (port 1 only, buttons A and Start are mapped to volume down and volume up, respectively) or a PS/2 keyboard.

On the PS/2 keyboard, port 1’s controls are Cursor Up/Down/Left/Right, Right Ctrl, Right Alt, Right Shift and Enter.

Port 2’s controls are W, S, A, D, Left Ctrl, Left Alt, Left Shift and Caps Lock.